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Monday Morning Quarterbacking


I have often wondered that for many fans of football, the real draw is not what happens on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; it’s getting to talk about the game afterwards. Monday-morning Quarterbacking: looking back at all that took place and sharing it with others.

There is something to be said for reflecting on what we have read, or sung, or heard, especially after Sunday morning worship. What are the things that stick with you? What truths do you need to remember and believe this week? What will change?

Here are my top three from this past Sunday:

  1. I find myself realizing just how un-gentle I can be with those I am most comfortable with. I needed to hear yesterday that there is not only grace for me, but grace to change me

    there is not only grace for me, but grace to change me

    . I need a softer heart that is made gentle by the good news of the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit.
  2. I believe that we can be a unique witness in our communities by being both extraordinarily good listeners who also don’t compromise the truth of Scripture.
  3. I am constantly amazed at God’s kindness. During communion it struck me, even as I was saying the words, how unbelievably merciful God was to the Corinthian church (with ALL their problems) and yet He still called her His church! It’s good news for messes like me the redeeming power of Christ.

BONUS: People like to hear stories about porcupines, apparently!