11/14/16 Monday Morning Quarterbacking

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11/14/16 Monday Morning Quarterbacking

“Those engineers were nuts!” I said.

This past week our family made a quick little vacation to Blowing Rock, and during our stay we made an hour-long jaunt to Linville Caverns. That meant driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway across the mountains. It wasn’t so bad until about halfway there we crested to almost the tops of the mountains, and that’s where things got nerve-wracking. The road looked more like a three-year-old had scribbled a bunch of lines on a map and then the engineers ran with the design: right, left, right, left—sometimes almost 180 degree turns. With sheer rock on one side and a hundred foot drop on the other, they actually expect you to travel 45mph! And of course, if the road wasn’t dangerous enough, they make sure all the trees are removed so you are mesmerized by the scenery in order to ensure maximum distractedness. One well-placed “look at the mountains, honey!” and we were done for.

As I was reflecting on yesterday’s sermon, I was thinking about how brilliant and cutting the words we find in Galatians 6:9 are: “do not grow weary of doing good.” Life is perilous. It twists and turns. Sometimes you feel like you are hugging the soft shoulder of the road, sometimes it turns towards the dangerous cliffs. We get frustrated with the turns, we want things to go straight, we want progress, and we feel the only way to really navigate life is to have absolute certainty of the next curve. This verse calls us to faithfulness, to keep our eyes fixed on the double-yellow line in the middle. That is the way of Christ. That’s the best way to navigate through the mountains, is to not grow weary of doing that which Christ calls us to. And when we do, we start to be able to trust the road, even to enjoy it! You see, the road wasn’t designed to doom us, it was crafted by a master who knows the only way through the rocks to bring us to our destination in Him.

PS The picture is (as far as I can tell) the actual spot on the Parkway we were driving.