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Fall 2017 Women’s Bible Study

Have you ever wondered how the various books of the Bible fit together, or if we are supposed to find an overarching message threaded through its pages from Genesis to Revelation? Have you wondered how the parts of scripture relate to the whole? Have you struggled to understand your place in relationship to God’s revelation of himself to us in his word? If you’ve ever wrestled with questions like these, I hope you will join us for our fall 2017 Women’s Bible study, From Garden to Glory by Courtney Doctor. From Garden to Glory is a 10-week Bible study on the Bible’s story for women of all ages and backgrounds. Please check out the video above, and make plans to join us on Tuesday mornings starting in September for the study! Feel welcome to invite your friends, neighbors and community members to participate. Email the Women’s Care Team ( for additional information.

Women’s Prayer Triads

At Harbor we believe prayer is vital in growing our relationship with the Lord, in expressing our dependence upon Him, and in participating in God’s kingdom work. One goal of women’s ministry at Harbor is to provide opportunities for women to grow in friendships that point them to the Lord. Prayer Triads (resource link below) connect prayer to women’s relationships by encouraging women towards praying together intentionally in small groups. The resource provided was presented to the women of Harbor during the Sunday School time on Sunday February 26, 2017. We hope it is an encouragement to you to grow in relationship with the Lord and with each other. If you have any questions about the resource or are interested in being a part of a prayer triad, the members of the WCT would be glad to assist you.

Harbor Prayer Triad Explanation CLICK HERE