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FB Live Worship 4.5.2020


Diane Quijano

The Quijanos are here!

John E. Taylor

John and Cindy are here

Lindsay Colvard

The Colvards are here

Sherry Randolph Swift

Swift’s are here.

Scott Nelson

Scott N. is here.

Ashley Todd Ware

The Ware’s are here.

Elizabeth Layman

Laymans are here!

Sharon Wheeler

Wheelers are here

Susan Batts Hicks

Good morning

Ricky Dixon

I’m here.

Krystal Gallahan

feed has cut out

Scott Nelson

same here.

Jenny Nye Amarnath

refresh the site, try to re-enter.

Bethany Wildeman

If you refresh it should work again, it did for us

Scott Nelson


Brenda Deal

Deals here

Casey Lynn Hofses

Hey Euan Reid

Rebecca Taylor Miller

Sounds beautiful!

Suzanne Cabrera Towry

I’ll think about finding the “truth” as we go through this journey. Thanks for all you do.

Cindy Taylor

Awesome service!

Casey Lynn Hofses

Thanks for a great message and service! miss You all