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FH Worship 4.12.20


Ashley Greene
Diane Quijano

He is Risen!

Roxanne Gallahan

Happy Easter! He is risen!

Lindsay Colvard

He is Risen indeed!

Harbor Church PCA

Don’t forget to get the bulletin either on the church website or follow the link at the top of the comments

Lindsay Colvard

Colvards here this morning. Christ is Risen! Miss all of you!

Diane Quijano


Casey Lynn Hofses

Happy Easter, He is risen!

Cindy Taylor

John and Cindy are here. Christ is risen!

Sherry Randolph Swift

Morning, He is risen.

Kara Piland

Pilands are here!

Marcelle Honeycutt


Cathleen Brickhouse

He Is Risen!!

Fred Wheeler

Wheelers watching

Ellis Edwards


Diane Quijano


Brian Lee

Can’t wait to see and worship together with y’all again.

Linda Lindsey Moore

The Moores miss you all!

Elizabeth Layman

We miss everyone! Looking forward to worshipping together again!

Carl Larson

Happy Easter! He Is Risen!! Love the Larsons

Lindsay Colvard

Miss you all!

Diane Quijano

Ed says “Thanks, Preacher Man, worship and audio team!” Diane says happy Easter!

Ursula Morelli Burkett


Ron Burkett

Hi everyone. We love and miss you!

Lindsay Colvard


P Payattakool

Ada and Jud wants to make sure.. that Mr Jim knows they are saying hi. 😉

Ursula Morelli Burkett

Hello church

Bethany Wildeman

Happy Easter everyone from the Wildeman family!!

John E. Taylor

Hi y’all!

Ursula Morelli Burkett

Happy Easter

Michelle Atchison

Love & miss you all!!

Lindsay Colvard

Happy Easter Wildemans!

Fred Wheeler

Thank you for letting us participate. Leaving now to join our home worship at Christ Covenant. Blessed Easter to all!

Cindy Taylor

Love and miss y’all!

Ursula Morelli Burkett

Miss you guys too

Rachel Shufelt

Love you guys. Miss you all. So thankful for our family in Christ

Lindsay Colvard

Happy Easter to you all! 🙂

Brenda Deal

He is risen!! Happy Easter, everyone!!

Tracie Aldridge

P Payattakool Mr. Jim says hi back!!

Cindy Taylor

Brenda He is risen indeed. Hallelujah! Happy Easter to you and Don.

Tracie Aldridge

Good morning, church!! The Aldridges closed the doors behind us and were last out, as usual. Fellowship time was a little lonely, but we look forward to being with you ALL again as soon as we’re able! That will be a great day of rejoicing, but an even better day is yet to come!

Rebecca Taylor Miller

Come and worship Christ the Risen King! SO grateful to hear this beautiful hymn sung by wonderful and gifted people. Happy Easter! He is Risen!