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Fall 2017 Women’s Bible Study

Have you ever wondered how the various books of the Bible fit together, or if we are supposed to find an overarching message threaded through its pages from Genesis to Revelation? Have you wondered how the parts of scripture relate to the whole? Have you struggled to understand your place in relationship to God’s revelation of himself to us in his word? If you’ve ever wrestled with questions like these, I hope you will join us for our fall 2017 Women’s Bible study, From Garden to Glory by Courtney Doctor. From Garden to Glory is a 10-week Bible study on the Bible’s story for women of all ages and backgrounds. Please check out the video above, and make plans to join us on Tuesday mornings starting in September for the study! Feel welcome to invite your friends, neighbors and community members to participate. Email the Women’s Care Team ( for additional information.

Women’s Bible Study Spring 2017

Please join our women’s Bible study Tuesday Dec. 6 from 9:30 – 11:15 as we begin a NEW inductive study  making us of Sarah Ivill’s book  Judges & Ruth: There is a Redeemer. We will meet December 6th & 13th before breaking for Christmas. Bible study will resume Tuesday, January 10. Childcare is provided. Contact Tracie Aldridge if you would like to participate, need a book, or would like additional information. We hope to see you there!

Here’s a Description of the Study:  womens-study-spring-2017

In its tales of gore, rebellion, sexual escapades, and fleeting victory, Judges is one of the books of the Bible in which we most see our need for a Savior and in which God’s grace shines most brightly. Meanwhile, the book of Ruth beautifully reminds us that God has not forgotten his promises to Abraham. His plan of redemption is displayed in this book through the lives of hurting women who cling to his covenantal lovingkindness.

Following her mind-heart-hands model of application, Sarah Ivill’s gospel-centered Bible study provides questions and commentary to accompany a careful, redemptive-historical reading of these books in eighteen weeks (thirteen for Judges and five for Ruth). Readers will be both helped and challenged, emerging from their study with both a mastery over the subject matter and new ways to live a gospel-focused life.

Women’s Ministry Team Meeting

August 28, 2016 – Women’s Ministry Team Meeting