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Women’s Ministry at Harbor


Meet our Women’s Care Team

Women's Care Team
(Left to Right: Liz Layman, Kassandra Larson, Lindsay Colvard, and Linda Moore)

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Women’s Care Team Blog   Women’s Care Team News  

Contact Members of the Women’s Care Team via email at WomensCareTeam@HarborChurch.org

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Meet our Women’s Fellowship Team

Women's Fellowship Team
(Left to Right: Krystal Gallahan, Bethany Larson, and Nanci Edwards)

Contact Members of the Women’s Fellowship Team via email at WomensFellowshipTeam@HarborChurch.org

Meet our Showers and Celebrations Team

Showers and Celebrations Team
(Left to Right: Beth Bouts and Cathy Brickhouse)

Meet our Women’s Bible Study Leader

Women's Bible Study
(Tracie Aldridge)

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Want a more technical explanation of our Women’s Ministry structure? Click HERE for Women’s Care Team Vision document.