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Christmas Series: Pulling Back the Curtain on Christmas

A little plastic baby Jesus rests woodenly beside shrouded faceless parents, crepe paper ‘hay’, a donkey, and an A-frame open ‘stable’ that would do little to keep out the rain. This is your run-of-the-mill nativity scene you will probably see hundreds of times during the Christmas season. It’s quaint, maybe a bit little tacky, but wholly unremarkable. Unfortunately, because many people  assume Jesus is just like His ‘images’: wooden, hokey, and unremarkable. A passing fad of by-gone era, or fun for now, but to be put away in the attic for next year. Truly this misses the true identity of Jesus as the powerful creator of all things, one robed in light come to rescue his people from their sin. In this Christmas series, “Pulling  Back the Curtain on Christmas,” we are going to be walking through the Christmas story in the Gospels and comparing them to passages in the Book of Revelation to help us see the grandeur, the power, the wonder, (even the terror), and the hope that the Christmas story points to.  Please join us in worship every Sunday from 9:30-10:45am, Nov 27th-Dec 25th as God’s Word opens our eyes to the awesomeness of Jesus and His coming!

Nov 27th: Baby Jesus: What Child is this? (Lk 1:26-37, Mt 13:53-56, Rev 1:9-20)

Dec 4: Christmas Songs: Singing the Lamb’s Song (Lk 2:8-20, Rev 5:1-14)

Dec 11: Christmas and Family (Lk 1:34-45, Lk 2:1-7, Rev 7:1-12)

Dec 18: Christmas and Conflict: (Mt 2:8-18, Rev 12:1-17)

Dec 24: Christmas Eve Service: Joy to the World (John 1:1-14, Rev 21:1-7) — 7pm-8pm

Dec 25: Second Christmas (Rev 22:12-21) — 11am-12pm